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Ultrafresh Photoelectric Air Purification Device

Photoelectric Principle:

As shown on below picture, the central air conditioning system supplies air to the pre-filter to filter out large dust particles and hair and sends to the plasma ionization zone which the plasma density is l.05XlO”-4.02X10”m”.The bacteria and molds are eliminated in the ionization zone; after passing through the parallei plates of alternating positive and negative in the dust collecting Zone, the dust and smoke are adsorbed on the dust collecting plate by the Coulomb force. Then Supplies air to the Photocatalysis Filter to filter out some particies; and they gets the electron voltage in Photocetalysis FilterU‘IOZ) by the effect of UV light which can decomposes harmful gases such as formal dehyde. benzene, TVOC, etc. It is sent to the UV lamp area by the circulating fan. The ultraviolet lamp illuminates and destroys the DNA (deoxyribonucieic acid) structure of the bacteria, causing the bacteria to die or lose their viability and die. At last, through the photocatalytic filter again to decompose harmful air. Therefore, the clean and fresh air outlet.

  • Adopt standardized module design, which can be freely combined according to air volume and size.

  • Adopt photoelectric physical disinfection and purification methods with pure dynamic disinfection technology that is harmless to the human body, safe, high efficient and environmental protection.

  • The external indicator light detecm the running status, and specific fault prompt function.

  • It can be connected with the central air conditioner, or control separately, and wind reaction is also available.

  • Easily maintenance, removing the inner iouver, it can be maintained from the front.

  • Decompose harmful gases such as formaldehyde. benzene. ammonia, TVOC, etc.

  • High eificientiy kill bacteria, viruses and harmfui microorganisms.

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