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PPHT (Pentagon)

Detailed introduction

Product introduction:
Through double ionization dedusting, photowave and catalytic contact oxidation sterilization, activated carbon adsorption of harmful gases, air disinfection, purification.
Product functions:
1. Effectively kill harmful microorganisms, such as mold, legionella, hepatitis virus, SARS virus, coronavirus, avian influenza virus, influenza virus, etc.;

3. Eliminate odor: through the human body breathing, sweat, defecate: objects mildew, decay and other chemical reactions produced by the odor;
4. Deposition of inhalable particulate matter: inhalable suspended particulate matter in the air.
5. According to customers’ requirements on air volume, it can be flexibly combined and installed in different positions.
6. Automatic operation, high voltage constant current, linkage with air conditioning.
7. High disinfection efficiency: patented technology: by the Chinese center for disease control and prevention, one-time natural bacteria killing efficiency of 62%, hold
The continuous cycle killing rate reached 99%, in line with the state health and family planning commission “disinfection technical specification requirements”;
8. Novel products: plug-in structural design is adopted for convenient installation, maintenance, disassembly and cleaning;
9. Completely silent: no running parts, will not produce any additional noise.

Product parameters:

Advantages of choosing nano-light hydrogen ion air purifier:
1. Significantly reduce the bacteria inside buildings and introduce fresh air to ensure the cleanliness of the building system;
2. The air resistance is small, the use of a unique on the insertion structure, resistance <10Pa, high efficiency of sterilization purification. The static pressure requirement of the ventilator in the air conditioning system is low so as to reduce the equipment and operation cost of the air conditioning system.
3. Modular design, can be combined into a variety of specifications of the device, flexible applicable to each space;
4. Advanced control system, can achieve comprehensive management, and can be compatible with the building control system.

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